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We work for a future
full of oportunities.

Join us in creating positive impact through education, social initiatives, and transformative programs.

At Engagement Foundation,

We contribute to education, individual well-being and community development to reduce inequality of opportunity and promote social inclusion.

Our local reach in Canada:

Local metrics.png

Our international reach:

We also open the doors to international participants through the online version of the programs. In this way, anyone interested in our topics or mission can benefit with our free programs.

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Key Focus Areas

Through the continuous work of each of our collaborators, coordinators and volunteers, our projects are framed in the following lines of action:


Specialized programs to achieve better opportunities



Programs designed to help to achieve full health



Programs focused on building strong and integrated communities

Our programs


English for Kids

An educational platform dedicated to fostering English language proficiency in children aged 8 to 12 from Latin America and Spanish-speaking countries.


Immigrant Support

This program extends a helping hand to the Latino community residing or recently arrived in Canada.


Our Legacy

Project dedicated to creating a positive impact in the lives of seniors through a variety of entertaining, educational, and integrative activities.


Geeky Latin@s

An online platform dedicated to promoting careers in STEAM to educate and inspire young people between 12 and 18 years old.


Grow your Business

A dedicated initiative to support and promote Latino entrepreneurs by providing a platform to showcase and disseminate their products and services. 

Latest Updates on Instagram

Stay informed about our latest activities, success stories, and upcoming events through our Instagram account. From community workshops to volunteer spotlights, we keep you in the loop.

Join the Engagement

Ready to make a difference? Join Engagement Foundation Canada in our mission to create a world where education, well-being, and community development thrive. Be part of the engagement for positive change.

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