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English For Kids is an educational program of the Engagement Foundation that offers quality education to residential boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 12 throughout the American continent.

Do you want to contribute to this wonderful program?

Be a godparent to contribute to the future of one o more children.


  • Educational Training:
    Offer opportunities for educational training to low-income children and adolescents from the American continent

  • Dynamic Language Learning:
    Promote the teaching of English in a dynamic, innovative, and friendly manner.

  • Values and Development:
    Instill values of personal development and citizenship, creating awareness of social and environmental co-responsibility.


  1. Structured Program:
    A 3-module program, each lasting 16 weeks with 8 learning units per module.

  2. Assessment and Interaction:
    Regular testing every two weeks to track progress. Learning mediated through platforms like Google Classroom and WhatsApp for synchronous and asynchronous interaction.

  3. Guided Learning:
    Children receive guidance through weekly assignments and interaction with teachers via WhatsApp.

  4. Online Workshops:
    Monthly online workshops covering personal development, technology, recycling, and art.

  5. Closing Ceremonies:
    Students showcase their learning in synchronous or asynchronous closing ceremonies.

Scope and Impact
(Until 2023)

  • Students Benefited:
    - 46 beneficiaries from Canada.
    - 1156 participant from other countries throught international version.

  • Facilitators:
    - 7 facilitators in English learning areas.

  • Speakers Involved:
    - 57 professionals and speakers invited.

  • International Reach:
    - Direct impact in 15 countries across all America.

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How You Can Help

Company Support:

  • Sponsor the foundation or specific programs.

  • Form alliances for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

  • Promote corporate volunteering.

Personal Support:

  • Become a recurring member and provide financial support monthly.

  • Join the volunteer and ambassador team.

  • Donate equipment, hardware, or connectivity.

  • Create and promote fundraising events.

Join the Journey of English Exploration!

Empower young minds, support education, and be a part of creating a brighter future through our English for Kids program.

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