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The Immigrant Support program extends a helping hand to the community recently arrived in Canada, providing essential assistance services to ease their adaptation to their new city of residence.

Together we can be part of the change!

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  • Integration Assistance:
    Provide aid and support services to new immigrants in the city of Montreal and surroundings, facilitating their integration.

  • Career Guidance:
    Offer necessary information for job placement, training opportunities, and professional reorientation.

  • Information Accessibility:
    Conduct sessions on finances, women's empowerment, psychological support, and other topics, making information accessible in Spanish.

  • Entrepreneurial Support:
    Support Latino entrepreneurs in promoting and disseminating their products and services, providing tools for business development.

  • Community Integration:
    Create a solid, collaborative, and integrated community, fostering connections with the host city and its Latin culture.


  1. Personalized Assistance:
    Provide phone or in-person assistance for installation and knowledge of city operations.

  2. Essential Supplies Delivery:
    Collect and deliver clothing, accessories, and household goods to new immigrants or those in need.

  3. Moral Support:
    Offer moral support in specific cases, especially for refugees or asylum seekers.

  4. Information Dissemination:
    Publish information on job offers, talks, or training to help individuals pursue their professional goals.

  5. Webinars for Community:
    Conduct free webinars with expert speakers in areas of interest to the community in their language.

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Scope and Impact (Until 2022)

  • Beneficiaries:
    330 individuals benefited with supplies, assistance, and legal advice in Canada.

  • Entrepreneurial Alliances:
    Formed 31 alliances with Latino entrepreneurs in Canada.

  • Workshops and Talks:
    Conducted 19 workshops and talks by specialists in areas of finance, technology, and well-being.

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How You Can Help

Company Support:

  • Sponsor the foundation or specific programs.

  • Form alliances for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

  • Promote corporate volunteering.

Personal Support:

  • Become a recurring member and provide financial support monthly.

  • Join the volunteer and ambassador team.

  • Create and promote fundraising events.

Building Bridges, Creating Homes

Join us in supporting immigrants as they build their new lives. Together, let's bridge communities and celebrate diversity!

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