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Welcome to the Geeky Latin@s program—an online platform dedicated to promoting gender and ideas diversity in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) professional fields. Our initiative is designed to educate and inspire young individuals, primarily girls and other minorities aged between 12 and 18, through engaging seminars and activities led by Latin@s professionals.

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  • Inspiring STEAM Interest:
    Increase interest among young Latin@s in STEAM careers.

  • Global Awareness:
    Raise awareness among youth about global issues and the role of STEAM in addressing them.

  • Diversity and Inclusion:
    Significantly increase the proportion of Latina graduates in STEAM fields and promote gender diversity.

  • Socioeconomic Impact:
    Enhance productivity and social commitment in STEAM-related industries, positively impacting the socioeconomic development of the Americas.


  1. Themed Workshops:
    Four (4) STEAM workshops, each consisting of 3 sessions covering science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

  2. Expert-Led Sessions:
    Scientific talks, debates, experiments, and discussions led by professionals in respective fields.

  3. Weekly Commitment:
    2 hours per week for 16 weeks, including introductory and closing sessions.

  4. Community Engagement:
    Monthly online workshops and closing ceremonies involving sponsors, parents, teachers, and followers on social media.

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Scope and Impact (Until 2023)

  • Students Benefited:
    - 44 beneficiaries from Canada.
    - 1577 participant from other countries throught international version.

  • Experts Involved:
    90 international role models, professionals, and speakers invited.

  • Technology Distribution:
    +50 electronic equipment (tablets) delivered.

  • Global Reach:
    Direct impact in 18 countries across America and the World throught online version.

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How You Can Help

Company Support:

  • Sponsor the foundation or specific programs.

  • Form alliances for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

  • Promote corporate volunteering.

Personal Support:

  • Become a recurring member and provide financial support monthly.

  • Join the volunteer and ambassador team.

  • Donate equipment, hardware, or connectivity.

  • Create and promote fundraising events.

Empower the Geek in You!

Join us in inspiring the next generation of Latin@s in STEAM. Together, let's celebrate diversity and innovation!

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