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Feeding Smiles

Alleviate Hunger and Improve Nutrition

Introducing the Feeding Smiles program—a heartfelt initiative aiming to alleviate hunger and malnutrition among Venezuelan children, the elderly, and adults. Our commitment is to provide a minimum of 50,000 servings of mixed grains and dehydrated vegetables every month for a continuous period of 12 months.


  • Alleviate Hunger and Improve Nutrition:
    Contribute to alleviating hunger and improving the nutritional status of at least 2,500 individuals per month in Venezuela.

  • Daily Balanced Meals:
    Provide at least one balanced meal a day to children, young people, and adults in need, totaling 50,000 meals monthly.

  • Sustainable Nutrition:
    Help households improve the nutritional needs of their children, reducing reliance on unworthy or illegal methods to obtain food.


  1. Food Collection Initiative:
    Launching an initiative in Canada to collect pre-packaged food bags containing non-perishable items.

  2. Caloric Intake Enhancement:
    Products can be prepared in various simple ways to increase daily caloric intake for healthy nutrition.

  3. Efficient Transportation:
    Monthly grouping of food on shipping pallets for safe and efficient transportation to Venezuela through private shipping companies.

  4. Local Distribution:
    Delivery to local partner organizations and food centers in Venezuela, where local teams handle, prepare, and distribute meals to beneficiaries.

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Scope and Impact (Until 2022)

  • Meals Served:
    3,800,000 meals served until 2022.

  • Food Shipment:
    1768 boxes shipped, adding 45 tons of food.

  • Monthly Beneficiaries:
    9500 people benefited monthly until 2022.

  • Sponsored Centers:
    75 sponsored centers.

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How You Can Help

Company Support:

  • Sponsor the foundation or specific programs.

  • Form alliances for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

  • Promote corporate volunteering.

Personal Support:

  • Become a recurring member and provide financial support monthly.

  • Join the volunteer and ambassador team.

  • Create and promote fundraising events.

Nourish Lives, Spread Smiles!

Join us in the Feeding Smiles program and be a part of bringing joy and nutrition to those in need. Together, let's make a difference!

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